Optimism II
Optimism I

 intensity of life


acrílico sobre tela y papel | acrylic on canvas & paper |

acrylique sur toile et papier 

diferentes medidas | different sizes différentes mesures






Inspired in how life changes, again and again, over the years. Today you are here. But yesterday wasn’t. And maybe, tomorrow you will be in a different place, a different state of mind. Perhaps your feelings are sweet at this moment, but who know how they will be tomorrow…bitter, maybe.

And I have to say that my life is in a whirlwind. Five years ago I had a completely different kind of life. The stars in my personal play were completely different. Some of these stars are gone, some of them have come to stay and light my life, but as always, who knows.

And finally, me. Somehow, I feel I’m changing with each turn of this whirlwind, making me stronger, weaker sometimes, feeling I have the control of my life, but then feeling me derailed…









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